Today would be the ultimate day for boomerang selfies on your tiktok stories
You’d just have to be lucky enough to find yourself in front of the void left by the Twin Towers… yes, today you’d get tons of views, of likes, of I’m the coolest, of hearts collecting under a photo
On September 11, 2021, if you want to avoid being a fucking boomer and instead see your social profile skyrocket, you must smile in front of the empty space of the World Trade Center. Maybe you can even pretend to be a brave firefighter, or maybe, if you’re really smart, you can make a story by pretending to escape the smoke, the dust, and the particles which 20 years ago filled the air of this place where you, toxic citizen of social media, fuck the memory of those who died ignorant of how their fellow man would be transformed.
To have an after you need a before, to have a now we needed the before and after of September 11, 2001.
Open your eyes, look up like they did 20 years ago. Everything is mutable, but if we don’t turn on the light bulb in our minds, tomorrow will be worse than yesterday and today.