My First Painting

I had gone out to buy diapers, I came back home with colors, brushes and a canvas.

It was one of those ordinary days, between a smile and a milk binge, little Margot was crying her heart out.
She couldn’t close her eyes, and I could tell that something was not going right.
“Oh damn! We’re out of diapers.”
I walk into the store with a determined air, heading straight for the children’s section. But inevitably, my determination falters in the face of the allure of the DIY section. A tower of acrylic colors stands majestic, and despite the urgency of the child, I find myself grabbing them all. The canvas and a handful of random brushes follow suit.
I return home with the loot, while changing the little one, wondering if there’s a right or wrong way to handle a paintbrush.
She’s clean, we’re all happy.